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GT Radial tyres - Tried and Tested by You

With GT Radial’s team of highly experienced engineers based full time at the European Technical Centre - MIRA Proving Ground in Warwickshire, they are able to offer you the opportunity to test their tyres at the world-class independent testing facility. Allowing you to experience the performance of the tyres in the environment within which they have been rigorously tested.

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With exclusive access to MIRA’s prestigious testing facility you will gain a greater understanding of GT Radial products and how they perform under scrutiny in extreme environments, giving you greater confidence when selling GT Radial tyres.

GT Radial MIRA days include testing on the wet handling circuit, wet braking, high speed testing, 4x4 off road handling and extreme tyre testing.
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All Tried and Tested by You.
“The HPY performance was excellent on the dry handling circuit and I will be replacing my own car tyres with the HPY. I thoroughly enjoyed the MIRA day and can honestly say I have never had a problem with a GT Radial tyre. GT Radial tyres are a superb product.”
Paul Edgell - DTE Tyres

“During the tests, I found the GT tyre to be sure footed and predictable in the dry and quite exceptional during the wet handling test. With over forty years experience in the tyre business and the many opportunities to test various tyres coupled with years of experience racing historic cars, I would have no hesitation in recommending and using the new GT Radial car tyre.”
Robert Gates - Gates Tyres

“MIRA is great to test the tyres with the different surfaces available. I was impressed by the all round performance in the wet and dry. I have now fitted a new set of GT tyres to my own vehicle.”
Paul Godwin - Complete Tyre services

“I was impressed with the ability of the 4x4 tyres – for a mid-range tyre it performed very well on the track, which was a very intense course. I would recommend the tyres to all of my customers after I had the chance to test them on the track and off-road”
Jon Thomas - Harris Brothers
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